Every unique problem has a unique set of solutions.

Make your problem, our problem. As a controlled environments engineering consultancy and systems integrator, we’re used to people reaching out to us when they have an issue. That’s because our expertise is providing unique and actionable solutions with a focus on helping our clients reach their goals as efficiently as possible at the appropriate level of investment.

Our Mission

Borlaug aims to help growers in controlled environment horticulture yield their full potential while using fewer resources to do so.   


The Inspiration Behind Our Name 

The name Norman Borlaug is synonymous in agronomy with solving complex problems with innovative solutions. The Nobel Peace Prize winning, ‘Godfather of the Green Revolution,” was not afraid to get his hands dirty and pushed through immense obstacles to make a monumental difference in agriculture and, honestly, for humanity.

While we have no direct connection to Norman Borlaug, his influence was so core to the formation of our company that we chose his name to honor his intrepid spirit. Because making a profitable business is not enough. We are here to make a difference.